Friday, February 18, 2011

surprise arcade fire show at the ukranian culture center, los angeles, ca..... waiting for tickets

ps finding out the evening before with clues from the arcade fire tweets there was to be a secret show on
2.11.11. tickets... oh where are you selling from? why they will be sold at noon to the first 100 (unknowingly) in line at origami vinyl in echo park, ca. fans spent the night along the sidewalk curving around the corner from origami vinyl. my friend went at 6 am to join the line of hipsters on the cement. i then arrive a little later that morning to join him. he had to leave for a meeting for about an hour. i continue to wait and save his place in line. during that period that he was away we were numbered on the hand and only those whom were numbered were to purchase tickets. i made it... number 96! aww, but this meant my friend was not going to be able to purchase 2 tickets. what do i do? he was there before me. the right thing to do was to get the tickets and give them to him. that is what i did. this is what a real friend would do!
ps ps boo 92 who cut the line to get a number.. btw this was chanted in line waiting by many.. boo 92... boo 92

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