Saturday, February 19, 2011

papercuts @ the music box 2.16.11

ps sadly to say the music box doesn't allow professional cameras in their venue. completely bummed was i. they made me take it back to the car. me without a camera in my hand at a show is like a drummer without a drum. iphone had to play the role of the camera for the evening.
pleasantly enough the indie band, papercuts, was the opener for beach house. the members of this band are jason quever with graham hill (drums), david enos (keys), frankie koeller (bass) and others... i find their sound to be ethereal-like with quever's whispering vocals and guitars. their music put the crowd in a very tranquil state of mind.
papercuts - fading parade is their 4th release ....release date is march 1, 2011.

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