Monday, January 30, 2012

jack white ~ love interruption

ps white’s debut solo album 'blunderbuss' comes out in april 24, 2012.
ps ps have a listen to "love interruption," the first single. adore it as i do.

wilco @ the wiltern 1.25.12

ps wilco is made up of jeff tweedy, john stirratt, glenn kotche, mikael jorgensen, nels cline, and pat sansone. this rock band has been in my ears since 1994 and will be there for infinity. if it hasn't been in yours get listening already and purchase some music from their site!/wilcomusic/
ps ps thank you much wilco for a funtabulous performance at the wiltern! i think the person who flipped you off has started a positive meaning for sticking up the middle finger. i captured your request for everyone to flip you off in a click below.

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01 - one sunday morning {song for jane smiley's boyfriend}
02 - poor places
03 - art of almost
04 - i might
05 - i am trying to break your heart
06 - one wing
07 - rising red lung
08 - impossible germany
09 - born alone
10 - laminated cat
11 - pot kettle black
12 - she's a jar
13 - misunderstood
14 - california stars
15 - box full of letters
16 - standing O
17 - a magazine called sunset
18 - nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)
19 - dawned on me
20 - whole love
21 - heavy metal drummer
22 - i'm the man who loves you
23 - casino queen
24 - hoodoo voodoo

Saturday, January 28, 2012

olin and the moon @ the echo 1.24.12

ps i checked out olin and the moon on the last evening of their residency at the echo. the members of this indie/folk/somewhat country rock band include david labrel ~ singer/songwriter; marshall vore ~ lead drums,percussion; brian mcginnis ~ pedal steel, lead banjo; travis labrel ~ lead guitar, vox; and kyle vicioso ~ lead bass. they have performed performed along side many respected artists: lucero, mike ness {social distortion}, dawes, local natives, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, the gourds, and many more. much fun was present on the stage that very evening. you should check them out.
albums: foot prints, terrible town and 40 miles of bad road.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

maxim ludwig & the santa fe seven @ the echo 1.24.12

ps maxim ludwig & the santa fe seven is an american rock band. the members include maxim ludwig~ songs, vocals, guitars, harmonicas, keyboards & percussion, ben reddell~ bass & vocals, chris vos- pedal steel, lap steel, guitar & vocals, and travis popichak ~ drums & percussion. these boys brought their boot stomping passion to the stage for their final residency at the echo.
purchase their ep, maxim ludwig & the santa fe seven 'this round is on me' at

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

cory chisel @ the echo 1.24.12

ps i read that cory chisel and adriel harris were flying into los angeles last minute to perform at the echo. it was a given that i would pop by to see them play. as i type in his name my blog reminded me that i saw them a year ago at the satellite. never a disappointment.
his most recent ep, upstairs at united, vol.2, was released on 11.25.11 exclusive to only indie retail stores for 6 months. go support your local record shop.

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adam arcuragi @ bootleg theater 1.18.12

ps adam arcuragi, jack carter, matthew luyk, andrew gerhan, harrison barrow and others here and there make up this folk/soul/death gospel music band.
adam arcuragi, like a fire that consumes all before it... is set for release on jan. 31, 2012.
have your first listen at npr:

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