Saturday, November 26, 2011

caleb coy

ps when you look up at the moon and stars above your head just know that they are the same stars that i love too. when you feel the wind gently brush upon your chin know that it was just the kiss that i blew to you.
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elephant micah ~ still life blues

ps i look for your blues in the natural light
ps ps

light for fire ~ the huckster

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

death by suicide

ps i saw darkness under the bridge today during my morning hike. i cried at the sight of a guy who jumped to his death from the suicide bridge. no one was around. i hear the police and the coroners laugh. what sickness do they have to laugh? as i was praying for this man and his family the officer told me to leave. he said, "this is not a lookie loo show," in a rather mean voice. no words came from my mouth as i slowly walked away weeping.
it's been haunting me all day. i hope anyone reading this never sees what i saw. i can see him clearly in my head laying on his side half bent in an almost fetal like position in the water of the ravine. his eyes wide open with a blank stare. blood coming from the eye that was facing the cement. the way he was laying there while the water was streaming around his body was somehow peaceful. he is at peace now.
i am numb.
ps ps please say a prayer for his soul.

Monday, November 21, 2011

joshua james @ troubadour 11.13.11

ps this was my 2nd time seeing joshua james at the troubadour. this folk singer~song writer comes from nebraska with his members king louie, billie, and charly the curious. he is a magical music maker that wishes you....
if you don't know his music you should be listening now and always and forever.
ps ps i feel his music in my soul as it hypnotizes me. his vocals are dark and intimate yet beautiful. thank you joshua!
ps ps ps members from desert noises joined him on stage to sing. check them out:

follow him:

let's listen to joshua james together:

he wrote this unreleased song on the road for his wife. listen....

hear some more:

elliott smith ~ misery let me down

ps new unreleased song from 1997 dug up from the grave.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


ps 12...
~ the word "twelve" is the largest number with a single-morpheme name in english.
~ a group of twelve things is called a duodecad.
~ the average human has twelve cranial nerves.
~ there are 12 days of christmas.
~ most calendar systems have twelve months in a year.
~ twelve is the number of pitch classes in an octave.
~ "twelve drummers drumming" is the gift on the twelfth day of christmas in the carol "the twelve days of christmas"
~ there are twelve basic hues in the color wheel.
~ there are 12 constellations in the ecliptic.
~ 12 inches in a foot.
~ 12 hours in a clock.

ps ps it feels like forever


ps eleven....
~ the first number which cannot be counted with a human's eight fingers and two thumbs additively.
~ the 5th smallest prime number.
~ an eleven-sided polygon is called a hendecagon or undecagon.
~ apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
~ the interval of an octave and a fourth is an eleventh. a complete eleventh chord has almost every note of a diatonic scale.
~ in astrology, aquarius is the 11th astrological sign of the zodiac.
~ rocket must travel at over 11km per second to escape the Earth's gravity.
~ the number 11 bus is a low-cost way of sightseeing in london.
~ the largest cat is the siberian tiger at 11 feet long.
~ correlates to the planet pluto.
~ the color of black.
~ the sign of scorpio,
~ 11 a. d. is a historical year.

ps ps number eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic.

dream bigger

ps i look to the right.
i look to the left.
keep on dreaming creepingelm.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

beggar's prayer ~ emiliana torrini

mamma said, lift your head from the sieve of your hands.
mamma said eventually this hurting will end.
but the shockwaves on my bones will linger,
like the ghost of you here in my bed.

when i was lost you thought me a beautiful find.
sometimes i think of you sleeping, so sleep for a while.
i find myself asking who'd do this to love,
and the white-shouldered mountains they pointed above.

lord you just dropped me here by the side of this road.
out here's too cold and i don't want to walk it alone.
i've got a bottle of your blood inside me,
and on old beggar's prayer on the tip of my tongue.

mamma said, lift your head from the sieve of your hands.
mamma said that eventually this hurting will end...

ps ps it's true

Sunday, November 13, 2011

in nervous direction

ps in nervous direction ~ creepingelm

the barr brothers ~ beggar in the morning

ps hello, i'm a monster too.
what poisons me is what poisons you.
into these animals we grew.
when we were young our eyes were blue.
i take my medicine on my knees twice today, but lately three.
keeps the devil from my door.

ps ps i want an angel to wipe my tears.

joshua james ~ lord, devil & him

ps lord open his eyes, help him see
through that disguise that he cannot
see upon the human devil& the human devil.

so it is now, and we are cold
to see you sick with half a soul
words are cheap and love it speaks
the volumes that we need to make our hearts grow weak
so come on back, and have some laughs
remember that the good times they ain't so bad.
cuz i am dying to try and find a way we can leave this...
all behind.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 @ 11:11 pm

ps wish made

steps you take when you come across a haunted outhouse

1. run in and take a seat.

2. connect with the other world.

3. giggle with the spirits as if they are telling you something funny.

4. leave with a smile.

ps oh my, lost in a ghost town. hey, i see an outhouse. come out, come out wherever you are my friend the ghost.

ps ps these clicks were all in fun. nothing really happening inside. me being a nerd making myself laugh. no spirits were actually seen.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

donovan ~ catch the wind


in the chilly hours and minutes,
of uncertainty, i want to be,
in the warm hold of your loving mind.

to feel you all around me,
and to take your hand, along the sand,
ah, but i may as well try and catch the wind.

when sundown pales the sky,
i wanna hide a while, behind your smile,
and everywhere I'd look, your eyes I'd find.

for me to love you now,
would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing,
ah, but i may as well, try and catch the wind.

when rain has hung the leaves with tears,
i want you near, to kill my fears
to help me to leave all my blues behind.

for standin' in your heart,
is where i want to be, and i long to be,
ah, but i may as well, try and catch the wind.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. they live inside us, and sometimes, they win." ~ stephen king

ps keep creeping on

"we pass through life as though we are spell~cast."

“in periods of rapid personal change, we pass through life as though we are spell-cast. we speak in sentences that end before finishing. we sleep heavily because we need to ask so many questions as we dream alone. we bump into others and feel bashful at recognizing souls so similar to ourselves.”

~ douglas coupland

life is beautiful

ps street art makes life beautiful.

curioser and curioser all hallowe'en

jack skellington: {singing} "my dearest friend, if you don't mind, i'd like to join by your side. where we can gaze into the stars..."
jack skellington, sally: {singing} "and sit together, now and forever. for it is plain, as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be."
jack Skellington: {singing} "of course, i've been too close to see! the answer's right in front of

ps i played with knives.

ps i made and enjoyed cookies. mmmmm...