Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hearts of love

created and clicked by CreepingElm

discovery in the middle of the woods

ps my discovery while walking through the woods today. had to have a couple for the house.. shhh don't tell the animals.

peanut butter, oh so creamy

p.s. i have a thing for peanut butter... yummy
note: never add old peanut butter to a new peanut butter jar. it doesn't taste the same.

tunesday... angus & julia stone


angus & julia stone are brother and sister. their music is beautiful, light and airy, very soothing and understated. a perfect soundtrack for spring and summer, simple and sweet! new album comes out today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


'cause i just rolled and tumbled, down a long road i stumbled
while shooting in the dark as to what's best
and finally i found you without ever learning how to
i put the right foot in front of the leg and beyond that is anybody's guess

alexandra in the forest

alexandra valenti

i am in awe over this photography. i want to step inside these photos!
p.s.: a mixture of my pure enchantment is represented in each photo: jumping, creeks, woods, sunlight through the trees, doggies, walking on no-where trails, music, hanging in the grass, daydreaming...CreepingElm

Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy earth day

lights out from 8:30 pm-9:30 pm. let the natural light of the sky light up our lives.


Friday, March 26, 2010

rocket me to the moon

candy store or rocket to the moon?
we can go to the candy store as long as we can rocket to the moon later...deal
oh gracie
girly fun night


awesome... exciting...polaroid film reproduced

she & him

she & him
zooey deschanel
zooey and i say the theater has the feel of the haunted mansion
more haunted mansion

note 1: cameras were not allowed at the show as requested by the band. as you can see here pictures are quite fuzzy because it was a sneak and click kind of evening without getting caught by security.
note 2: zooey if you ever need a new back up whistler, or triangle or tambourine player call me right away :)
note 3: i can't stop smiling from this show!

what if the whole world paused to dance?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


wake up to accept disease today. no more asking why. sure a good cry helps sometimes. try more drugs. no let's add another drug. will this cause a heart attack while sleeping? no. normal, but a tad different from others... no more gum chewing. blowing bubbles will happen again one day. will you blow a large bubble for me so i can pop it? almost better. drs. stay positive ... you are young...one day there is a chance to wake up cured. every single morning awake again awaiting for that curing moment to occur. if you look you may miss the signs. look closely and see it in the eyes.. pain or a slightly crooked smile. keep living. fun this week.. maybe a carousel ride in the park! Oh yeah, not to forget the She & Him concert!

numb is the best way to describe it ... CreepingElm

hiding spot


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tear down the wall


it's tunesday... listening to she & him

zooey deschanel has a natural, sweet voice that could easily fool you into thinking you’re listening to an old record from the fifties – and it probably helps that she’s teamed with m. ward, who is insanely talented.