Tuesday, August 30, 2011

radical face ~ all is well {it's only blood}

ps as a "prequel" to their upcoming album "the roots" in october, radical face decided to realease some eps featuring tracks that have not made the cut on "the roots."

jameson & co. @ hotel cafe 08.26.11

ps this is my 3rd time seeing this americana, roots, rock entwined with back porch blues band, jameson & co, from california. jameson writes his own lyrics indulging in a writhing, seductive pain that hearkens. the members include jameson burt, pavla dlab, dallas kruse, john wilson, david beste, and justin burrow. the raw vocals of jameson soulfully twanging out in tune with determined guitar riffs complement pavla's beautiful and enchanting vocals. their set ranges in an existence where our hearts must be very quiet to hear it to an awakening of life by rampant endings. it expresses profound sadness, awe, and wonder. the evening was filled with blistering guitar, passionate and at times almost growling vocals and echoing explosions of drumsticks which floated into the ears that came to listen. their music grabs and sucks you in and is never less than great.

ps ps go purchase their synergist album here: http://jamesonmakesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/synergist

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

eddie berman & the iron rails

ps i discovered this truly amazing eddie berman & the iron rails on friday at the hotel cafe. eddie writes all of the music and lyrics, and arranges them with his accordion/piano/lap steel/trombone player gabe feenberg. the rest of the iron rails consists of (in various combinations) bass players pierre de reeder (rilo kiley) and seth ford-young (tom waits, edward sharpe), drummer chris phillips (the dickies, squirrel nut zippers) and cellist danny grab.
ps ps released first EP (http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/eddie-berman/id446932716) a few weeks ago.
follow them at their recently launched facebook page: www.facebook.com/ironrails and http://www.myspace.com/eddiebermanmusic

ps ps with a "like" from their facebook page you can download the song "much at all" off their upcoming album for free - located in the bandpage tab!

heya to slowcoustic.com check them out!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

greater pacific @ curve line space

ps i happened to look at twitter at the right moment yesterday. @slowcoustic posted that greater pacific was playing a show at the curve line space in eagle rock, ca. (slowcoustic is a blog about the unhurried side of americana/alt-country/folk/indie/down-tempo music.) i had never been to this space before so i ventured. greater pacific is a newer project from kyle kersten and john phinney, members of the alt-country ~ folk band travel by sea. mike cusick and gretchen lieberum are the other members in greater pacific. this was their first show together. they started out with one of my favorite songs, distance, which was beautifully done. i too must mention that they covered a ryan adams song from whiskeytown which made me incredibly happy. go listen to their blend of alt~country, folk and you will be captivated.

ps ps back in january 2011 they released their debut EP on yer bird records entitled rainfall. be looking forward to a new full length album coming out in 2012.

the folks from yer bird describe the sound of rainfall:
"from the ocean to the desert and the mountains, the sound of southern california’s greater pacific floats alongside the early morning light across open fields and hills of green to a lonely back country road. the pining sound of pedal steel and the signature timbre of kyle kersten’s voice are the essence of the band’s sound. with the additional production of john phinney, greater pacific includes plenty of what could be possible unexpected instrumentation that builds into peaks and subsides into soundscapes."

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Friday, August 19, 2011

josh ritter @ the wiltern 8.17.11

ps josh ritter is a brilliant musician, songwriter, and author originally from idaho. flashing gigantic grins at the audience his stage presence was spirited. i first discovered josh's overflowing beautiful voice and poetic lines on blip.fm. josh was coming to la so my friend and i took a journey out to see him live at the wiltern for a special evening. when we entered we were overly surprised to see that this show did not sell out. having seats in the mezzanine we were given the option to trade tickets in for floor standing at stage. however, we decided to go to the mezzanine and play musical seats. our decision was perfect because it felt as though we were at our own private concert. we marveled over josh's lyrics and stories he told through his music. if you get a chance to see ritter live, do it!

ps ps oh yes.. when you listen to "change of time" feel the goosbumps as i do.
ps ps ps i am the nerd who text a message on the stage screen between sets to my friend sitting beside me.. hehehe hi john (:

josh has recorded seven records (six studio albums and one live record) and five e.p.’s.
josh ritter (self titled) (2000)
golden age of radio (2001)
come and find me e.p. (2003)
hello starling (2003)
4 songs live e.p. (2005)
the animal years (2006)
girl in the war e.p. (2006)
good man e.p. (2006)
in the dark: live at vicar street (2006)
the historical conquests of josh ritter (2007)
live at the record exchange e.p. (2008)
so runs the world away (2010)

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shhh... listen

old 97s @ the wiltern 8.17.11

ps old 97s are an alt-country, gritty garage rock band originally based in dallas, texas that have been around for 18 years. the members include rhett miller {singer/guitarist, murry hammond {singer/bassist}, ken bethea {lead guitar}, and philip peeples {drums/singing}. their name came from a song popularized by johnny cash, “wreck of the old ‘97.” old 97's introduced "the grand theatre vol. 2", their ninth studio album, on july 5th via new west records.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

bon iver ~ holocene

ps i must venture to iceland.

bon iver ~ calgary

the lonely wild and robert francis @ the bootleg 8.15.11

ps happy music monday. sharing a few clicks from another monday of music at the bootleg. the lonely wild opened for robert francis. these are two la bands that you should check out!

ps ps see more clicks from a past show of the lonely wild:

ps ps see more clicks from a past show of robert francis:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

number nine

ps number 9, #9, nine:
~ is the first composite lucky number
~ a ninth, in music theory, the ninth note of a musical scale or the interval between the first note and the ninth
~ 9 is also the name of various albums such as 9 by irish singer/songwriter damien rice, released in november 2006
~ "revolution 9", a song by the beatles which appears on the album the beatles (more commonly known as the white album; its principal vocal feature is a voice repeating, "number nine...number nine...number nine..." john lennon, the primary composer of "revolution 9", also released a solo recording entitled "#9 dream. also, george harrison released a solo recording and a song both called "cloud nine".
~ in the christian angelic hierarchy there are 9 choirs of angels.
1.seraphes, angels of love and light;
2.cherubs, angels of wisdom and intelligence;
3.thrones, angels of force and life;
4.dominations, angels of liberty;
5.principalities, angels of eternity and memory;
6.powers, angels of holiness;
7.vertues, angels of humility;
8.archangels, having for attribute the justice;
9.ordinary angels, to which we attribute the innocence.
~ before 2006 (when pluto was officially designated as a non-planet), there were nine planets in
the solar system.
~ a favorable number, associate to the eternity.

ps ps 9 (:

etsy treasury, why i have to see a therapist: 'phobias'

ps why i have to see a therapist: 'phobias'
etsy treasury featuring "release" on august 9, 2011 selected by the curator, branchonthebead.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

aa bondy ~ the heart is willing

AA Bondy - The Heart Is Willing by fatpossum

ps aa bondy's music is always in this mind of mine. i have been anxiously awaiting for new music. here i go and have yourself a listen too! this is the first track from his new album,"believers," which will be released september 13 on fat possum. yesssss!

believers track listing:

the heart is willing
skull & bones
down in the fire (lost sea)
surfer king
123 dupuy street
the twist
rte. 28/believers
scenes from a circus

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

caity fisher ~ o death

ps o death, o death i drink my last breathe sprung from this heart... my lonesome organ

Saturday, August 6, 2011

swear and shake sings the light, bones and the promise

ps music that my ears found today, swear and shake! oooooh yes..... loving!
ps ps free download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8id1th1us3112p1

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robert francis @ the bootleg 08.01.11

ps i heard of robert francis a few years ago from a blipper on blip.fm. i don't know why i waited such a long time before seeing him live. robert francis is a multi-instrumentalist, americana singer-songwriter from los angeles. his gravelly voice projects from his old soul, injecting emotion into each of his songs. what joy it brought when i read that his residency for august was at the bootleg theater. if you are in the la area you should check him out.
ps ps he called for his sister from the audience to join him on stage and to sing a couple of songs with him. from their smile exchange and their embrace on stage you could see that they loved each other dearly.

"one by one" was released in august 2007 by aeronaut records.
“before nightfall” in 2009

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