Tuesday, August 30, 2011

jameson & co. @ hotel cafe 08.26.11

ps this is my 3rd time seeing this americana, roots, rock entwined with back porch blues band, jameson & co, from california. jameson writes his own lyrics indulging in a writhing, seductive pain that hearkens. the members include jameson burt, pavla dlab, dallas kruse, john wilson, david beste, and justin burrow. the raw vocals of jameson soulfully twanging out in tune with determined guitar riffs complement pavla's beautiful and enchanting vocals. their set ranges in an existence where our hearts must be very quiet to hear it to an awakening of life by rampant endings. it expresses profound sadness, awe, and wonder. the evening was filled with blistering guitar, passionate and at times almost growling vocals and echoing explosions of drumsticks which floated into the ears that came to listen. their music grabs and sucks you in and is never less than great.

ps ps go purchase their synergist album here: http://jamesonmakesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/synergist

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