Friday, August 19, 2011

old 97s @ the wiltern 8.17.11

ps old 97s are an alt-country, gritty garage rock band originally based in dallas, texas that have been around for 18 years. the members include rhett miller {singer/guitarist, murry hammond {singer/bassist}, ken bethea {lead guitar}, and philip peeples {drums/singing}. their name came from a song popularized by johnny cash, “wreck of the old ‘97.” old 97's introduced "the grand theatre vol. 2", their ninth studio album, on july 5th via new west records.

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  1. ps ps This was especially for @Seastonemusic on blipfm! (:
    Listen to some Old 97s with her

  2. Well you know that I love this post, and when I got to your comment I was especially thrilled! Isn't it great how music connects us all! Oh, and aren't the Old 97's the best damn rocking band that ever was!!???!!!