Thursday, August 4, 2011

j. tillman @ the satellite 08.01.11

ps come now... how did i not notice until monday afternoon that j. tillman was playing at the satellite? it was a definite that i attend and that i did. j. tillman is an american folk singer, guitarist and songwriter. he is also the drummer for the seattle-based band fleet foxes.
this was my 2nd time seeing him live and i am still drawn to go back again and again. see him live to feel his carved out darkness through his calming and hauntingly beautiful voice.

ps ps see photos from his troubadour show in 2010: {}

7 albums you should own:
i will return (keep recordings, 2005)
long may you run, j. tillman (keep recordings, 2006)
minor works (fargo, 2006)
cancer and delirium (yer bird, 2007)
vacilando territory blues (western vinyl, 2009) - UK #191
year in the kingdom (western vinyl, 2009)
singing ax sept 14th, 2010 (western vinyl, 2010)

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