Monday, December 26, 2011

tenderfoot ~ the desperate kingdom of love {pj harvey cover}

ps thank you to @yastrzemski for passing this along. this is one amazing cover!
ps ps
oh love, you were a sickly child
and how the wind knocked you down
put on your spurs, swagger around
in the desperate kingdom of love

holy water cannot help you now
your mysterious eyes cannot help you
selling your reason will not bring you through
the desperate kingdom of love

there's another who looks from behind your eyes
i learn from you how to hide
from the desperate kingdom of love

at the end of this burning world
you'll stand proud, face upheld
and i'll follow you, into heaven or hell
and i'll become, as a girl
in the desperate kingdom of love

Saturday, December 24, 2011

laura veirs ~ i can see your tracks

oh i can see your tracks
but i won’t follow them
i’ll just hope for rain
or some kind of crazy wind
to erase them
and chase them into oblivion

oh i can smell the smoke
from your fire, babe
but i’ll leave you alone
and sleep in this lonely cave
and pray for
a storm to scrub this dirt away

oh i can hear the snakes
creeping cross the scene
i’m quaking in my boots
but you won’t hear me scream
you’re half way
down to new orleans
you’re half way
down to new orleans

Thursday, December 22, 2011

liza kate

ps it's the never being found

ps your eyes are getting lazy. just let them close. i know you don't know. i'm bones, but i'm still here.

ps i've been turned to stone from inside out. i was thrown to the fires. i was left there to expire.

ps she's a machine. she bleeds and talks back to me and i've heard that she wonders where i am and who i'm running with. i've seen them cut her down. they sent her while her eyes were closed. they peeled both her sides left and right to show her hollow bones. she belongs with me. i'll never leave her alone. she can say what she pleases. i'll never leave her alone.

ps i'm gonna need a place to rest when i'm dead. cut me down that tree i said. come on and comfort me my friend. don't leave me alone in bed. i'm gonna need a place to rest my head. come on and comfort me my friend. for the monsters are out tonight.

ps ps i can't get enough of her. liza kate is incredible. she is on echo in my mind.

simone felice ~ long may you run {neil young cover}

bro. stephen ~ telephone too

Sunday, December 11, 2011

before i die i want to_________________________________________


ps a couple of days ago i went back to the ravine where i found the body of a male who committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. i think about it often and see his face. maybe putting my silhouette near where he laid himself to rest i would be giving a piece of my soul to his spirit.
i stood with the same stare as when i found him and recited a prayer.

Friday, December 9, 2011

dead end armory ~ baggage

ps discovered this band today. really like their sound! i can't find much about them. lost out in the woods are we? i want more of your music!
the song that i heard that sucked me in: slowly drift away. couldn't find it to play for you.

follow and tell them you want more like i do:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"i bruise, just like anyone would bruise" manchester orchestra

we built this house with our hands, and our time, and our blood.
you build this up in one day to fall downward and rust.
you built this house with your hands, and your time, and your blood.
we built this up in one day to fall downward and rust.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

ryan adams in the masonic lodge at hollywood forever 10.10.11

monday oct 10, 2011

ps i'm in a ryan adams mood and can't get enough of his music. wait a minute..... i am always in a ra mood. as i am listening to his kcrw show online it reminded me that i never posted after seeing him live. tickets were won at his listening party from origami vinyl for an intimate show in the masonic lodge at hollywood forever cemetery. no recording or clicking were allowed or you would be shot down by his lovely friends who played camera police. ok, after i clicked his guitar on stage i was caught. i slipped my phone away and captured every moment.
ps ps this show was truly amazingly beautiful. the setting made it surreal. never will i forget this show! it is locked into the cavity of my mind.
ps ps i hope mr. adams that you enjoy the t~shirts that i made for you!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

caleb coy

ps when you look up at the moon and stars above your head just know that they are the same stars that i love too. when you feel the wind gently brush upon your chin know that it was just the kiss that i blew to you.
ps ps donate

elephant micah ~ still life blues

ps i look for your blues in the natural light
ps ps

light for fire ~ the huckster

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

death by suicide

ps i saw darkness under the bridge today during my morning hike. i cried at the sight of a guy who jumped to his death from the suicide bridge. no one was around. i hear the police and the coroners laugh. what sickness do they have to laugh? as i was praying for this man and his family the officer told me to leave. he said, "this is not a lookie loo show," in a rather mean voice. no words came from my mouth as i slowly walked away weeping.
it's been haunting me all day. i hope anyone reading this never sees what i saw. i can see him clearly in my head laying on his side half bent in an almost fetal like position in the water of the ravine. his eyes wide open with a blank stare. blood coming from the eye that was facing the cement. the way he was laying there while the water was streaming around his body was somehow peaceful. he is at peace now.
i am numb.
ps ps please say a prayer for his soul.

Monday, November 21, 2011

joshua james @ troubadour 11.13.11

ps this was my 2nd time seeing joshua james at the troubadour. this folk singer~song writer comes from nebraska with his members king louie, billie, and charly the curious. he is a magical music maker that wishes you....
if you don't know his music you should be listening now and always and forever.
ps ps i feel his music in my soul as it hypnotizes me. his vocals are dark and intimate yet beautiful. thank you joshua!
ps ps ps members from desert noises joined him on stage to sing. check them out:

follow him:

let's listen to joshua james together:

he wrote this unreleased song on the road for his wife. listen....

hear some more: