Tuesday, November 22, 2011

death by suicide

ps i saw darkness under the bridge today during my morning hike. i cried at the sight of a guy who jumped to his death from the suicide bridge. no one was around. i hear the police and the coroners laugh. what sickness do they have to laugh? as i was praying for this man and his family the officer told me to leave. he said, "this is not a lookie loo show," in a rather mean voice. no words came from my mouth as i slowly walked away weeping.
it's been haunting me all day. i hope anyone reading this never sees what i saw. i can see him clearly in my head laying on his side half bent in an almost fetal like position in the water of the ravine. his eyes wide open with a blank stare. blood coming from the eye that was facing the cement. the way he was laying there while the water was streaming around his body was somehow peaceful. he is at peace now.
i am numb.
ps ps please say a prayer for his soul.

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