Sunday, February 20, 2011

beach house @ the music box 2.16.11

ps beach house is an indie band made up of victoria legrand (vocals, organ), alex scally (guitar, keyboards), and with live percussion by daniel j franz and graham hill, and more keyboards! i must say that legrand has uniquely powerful vocals. her voice is fascinating. the songs are filled with passion with an aura of a psychedelic influence. with that being said, the colors and starry backdrop were stunningly atmospheric. this music is dark, dreamy, and alluringly hypnotic.
the group has released three albums: 2006 “beach house”, 2008 “devotion” and “teen dream” in 2010.
ps ps thanks for whomever told legrand that the audience was good looking... hehehe yes legrand i believe that we all had one sweet dream that evening just as you told us to.

follow beach house:!/BeaccchHoussse

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  1. Sick photos!
    I saw them last spring and they blew my mind.
    Also, if you dig Beach House, you might like Phantom Vibration. Download an ep here