Friday, February 18, 2011

the decemberists @ the wiltern 2.12.11

ps the decemberists are a folk rock band made up of colin meloy, chris funk, jenny conlee, nate query, and john moen. on board for their tour is nickel creek's sara watkins (described by meloy as a sixth decemberists), providing fiddle lines and support on guitar and drums.
they opened their show with a tribute to la, "los angeles i'm yours", from their album her majesty at the wiltern theater on 2.12.11. thank you colin for greeting all of us that were seated at the top of the mezzanine. i loved that he asked the audience to make noises as if we were being swallowed by a whale preparing us for participation during "the mariner's revenge song", an over-the-top sea tale from 2005's picaresque.
the concert ended with "june hymn" from the king is dead, their most recent album released on 1.17.11
a big thank you for a lovely show that i will remember for a lifetime! and colin your quirkiness is adorable. btw, la will be waiting for your return, even if you have to swim under water to sing to us.
ps ps if you haven't seen them live get out there and find tickets!

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