Thursday, April 28, 2011

ryan adams and the cardinals class mythology ep

ps and what to my surprise arrived in a padded envelope today? yes... finally the ryan adams and the cardinals class mythology ep that i stood in line for on record store day (that sold out before entering the store) was in my hands. ebay came through for me pulling $40 out of my pocket. hey, but i own it now and i adore it!
ps ps how funny that they released 300 more copies on this very day of receiving mine.

sungleams turn to shadows

nestrests are needed everywhere

ps i'm thinking that this may be a perfect place for me!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ d. h. lawrence

i am part of the sun as my eye is part of me. that I am part of the earth my feet know perfectly, and my blood is part of the sea. there is not any part of me that is alone and absolute except my mind, and we shall find that the mind has no existence by itself, it is only the glitter of the sun on the surfaces of the water.

~ d. h. lawrence

the lonely wild @ labrie's lounge 4.19.11

ps recently i discovered the lonely wild and purchased their vinyl. i have been spinning their haunting songs on repeat. if you don't know this band you should! they are having their residency on tuesdays at labrie's lounge for the month of april. this was a definite show on my list of bands to see and i am so happy that i did. who make up the lonely wild? andrew carroll (singer, guitar), edward cercedes (drums), ryan ross (keys, bass, trumpet, vocals), andrew schneider (guitar), jenn talesfore (singer/keyboardist). they have their own sounds weaving a collection of aching haunting harmonies into western infused indie rock.
in february 2011 they unveiled their first ep "dead end." it was announced at their show that they will be going on tour this summer. go see them live!
ps ps thank you to the lonely wild for the terrific show. love, love the ep!

follow the lonely wild:!/thelonelywild

let's play their music together:

now music for your ears ~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ryan adams - my love for you is real

my love for you is real
it moves like the summer breeze
my love for you is strong
lord, it brings me to my knees

it was born in the wild
it's river long, rock strong
true and wild as hell
honey now, my love for you is real

my love for you is calm
candy sweet and thunder strength
my love for you is wild
it breaks a lock it's melting

my love for you is long
it crossed the oceans on a sail
my love for you is true
meanings change but not the tale

it was born in the wild
it's river long, rock strong
true and never still
honey now, my love for you is real

oh, it's real, oh, it's real, oh
honey now, my love for you is real

the tallest man on earth - a field of birds

ps i need a field of birds

planets dance

ps i looked to the sky and the planets began to dance with me

between darkness and light

ps petals from my path was clicked yesterday. hmm.. the 17th feels surreal

record store day 4.16.11

ps record store day.... my excitement grew in hopes that i would get the ryan adams class mythology limited release 7". arrived early to oragami vinyl and was ready for the wait. waited, waited, and waited some more. the music boy behind me struck up a conversation with me. come to find out he was there for ryan adams too! finally got to the door and entered the store. immediately i asked for ryan adams and he bowed his head... "sold out." big sigh from me. however, i picked up wild flag, fleet foxes, and ryan adams cardinology. then i hopped into my car and drove to pennylane, canterbury, and wombleton records. no luck for ryan adams. however, i scored a vintage find, johnny cash i walk the line, from wombleton records. yessss!
when i returned home i checked ebay and they had 90+ posts for the limited edition ryan adams. need i say more... scandalous gold diggers. looks like i will need to watch ebay and bid, bid, bid. i will own it in time! (:
ps ps thank you origami for the new tote.
ps ps ps sorry jw that your requests were sold out. /:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

bright eyes @ the fox theater pomona 4.13.11

ps it has been many years since i saw bright eyes play live. when the tour dates were announced i didn't see dates for la? come now.. coachella has taken bright eyes from the la people not attending. later after the announcement to play at coachella there was an update for their tour schedule and pomona being the closet to la. i scored a ticket from my friend and we ventured to pomona, a place that i have never visited. bright eyes consists of conor oberst (vocals and multi-instrumentalist), mike mogis (multi-instrumentalist), nate walcott (trumpet and piano player), and a rotating lineup of collaborators such as andy lemaster (now it's overhead), scott mcpherson, clark baechle (the faint), and laura burhenn (the mynabirds) and 2 others. people of all ages gathered to hear the versatile beauty of bright eyes play a sold out show at the fox theater of pomona. oberst is a master with words, a true inspiration, and an energetic guitarist whose impassioned prose tumbled out under stark stage spotlights in this art deco landmark. the setlist was a daze of beautiful songs filled with emotion, with each memorable moment seeming to eclipse the one before it. this show was filled with everything that makes bright eyes so phenomenal, featuring sounds of many genres while still maintaining the folkiness and authenticity that fans have come to expect. after reading this go purchase tickets to catch their show in your area!

ps ps yay conor for mentioning bob dylan's lyrics, " do your thing, you'll be king."
thank you much, much, much to bright eyes for an amazing show!

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now magic to your ears...