Thursday, April 21, 2011

the lonely wild @ labrie's lounge 4.19.11

ps recently i discovered the lonely wild and purchased their vinyl. i have been spinning their haunting songs on repeat. if you don't know this band you should! they are having their residency on tuesdays at labrie's lounge for the month of april. this was a definite show on my list of bands to see and i am so happy that i did. who make up the lonely wild? andrew carroll (singer, guitar), edward cercedes (drums), ryan ross (keys, bass, trumpet, vocals), andrew schneider (guitar), jenn talesfore (singer/keyboardist). they have their own sounds weaving a collection of aching haunting harmonies into western infused indie rock.
in february 2011 they unveiled their first ep "dead end." it was announced at their show that they will be going on tour this summer. go see them live!
ps ps thank you to the lonely wild for the terrific show. love, love the ep!

follow the lonely wild:!/thelonelywild

let's play their music together:

now music for your ears ~

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