Saturday, April 9, 2011

middle brother @the echo 4.07.11

ps i learned of middle brother on from @melodyofyourlife. when i saw that they were playing at the echo i jumped at the chance to see them in this golden small venue! who makes up this supergroup american rock band middle brother? taylor goldsmith and his brother griffin goldsmith {on drums} of dawes, matt vasquez of delta spirit, and john mccauley of deer tick. johnny corndawg opened, who also cowrites with the band. {see more johnny corndawg } i am a fan of each of the three bands that make up middle brother, which made me shout "heck yeah!" on stage they are completely spontaneous with not a set list in sight.
each member brings their own style which is apparent from song to song. they genuinely love playing with each other and allow each other's moments to shine. john hopped off stage to get closer to his fans, even sharing his mic with them to sing along. seeing them live was awesome! thank you middle brother.

follow middle brother:!/middle_bro

let's listen to their tunes together:

it's always music time. have a listen!

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