Saturday, April 2, 2011

eagle rock

ps eagle rock... la historic-cultural monument #10. i have been near the top of the eagle rock, but on the actual top itself i haven't made it as of yet. a huge dinosaur looking tree uprooted making the long steep stairwell to the top crumble. the city decided not to fix it and fence it off. i dangerously discover this fence with razors after climbing and pulling myself up and over the toppled tree. there is a way to get there! from the freeway at times i see a few adventurous souls sitting atop of this beautiful shaped rock as an eagle's head. there are houses surrounding the eagle rock which makes trespassing a factor in trying to reach my goal of getting to the tippy top. no, negative, never am i giving up. must reach the top! the trails in the hills lead to a private property fence line away from the eagle rock. what did i discover on this fence? many key chains with actual keys attached. alright now.. my mind thinks scary. are hikers losing their key chains and someone has collectively placed them there so the hikers might find them? or.... i won't tell you my other thoughts because i have watched one too many scary films! hmmm.. this could be a story in the making.
ps ps nature brings out the love in us. go adventure and feel life! i did.

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