Sunday, April 17, 2011

record store day 4.16.11

ps record store day.... my excitement grew in hopes that i would get the ryan adams class mythology limited release 7". arrived early to oragami vinyl and was ready for the wait. waited, waited, and waited some more. the music boy behind me struck up a conversation with me. come to find out he was there for ryan adams too! finally got to the door and entered the store. immediately i asked for ryan adams and he bowed his head... "sold out." big sigh from me. however, i picked up wild flag, fleet foxes, and ryan adams cardinology. then i hopped into my car and drove to pennylane, canterbury, and wombleton records. no luck for ryan adams. however, i scored a vintage find, johnny cash i walk the line, from wombleton records. yessss!
when i returned home i checked ebay and they had 90+ posts for the limited edition ryan adams. need i say more... scandalous gold diggers. looks like i will need to watch ebay and bid, bid, bid. i will own it in time! (:
ps ps thank you origami for the new tote.
ps ps ps sorry jw that your requests were sold out. /:

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