Friday, October 7, 2011

seabear @ troubadour 10.26.10

ps seabear is a icelandic seven piece experimental, indie-folk band from reykjavik, iceland. the members include sindri már sigfússon, gudbjörg hlin gudmundsdottir, ingibjörg birgisdóttir, halldór {dóri} ragnarsson, órn ingi agústsson, kjartan bragi bjarnason, and sóley stefánsdóttir. it was all about their enchanting words and ethereal sounds as i clicked away at the show. their music will leave you humming for days.
ps ps thank you for playing a show at the troubadour seabear. it was much enjoyed by all. come back to see us!

go listen and purchase their music:
~i'm me on sundays ~ self-released
~singing arc ep ~ self~released
~the ghost that carried us away ~ 2007 morr music
~lion face boy / cold summer 7" ~ 2009 a number of small things
~we built a fire ~ 2010 morr music
~while the fire dies ep ~ 2010

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