Monday, January 31, 2011

monotonix at the culture collide block party in echo park 10.10.10

ps monotonix are a 3-piece israeli punk/garage rock band straight out of tel aviv, israel. the trio consists of ami shalev, guitarist yonatan gat, and drummer ran shimoni. this was the first band that i decided to check out at the culture collide block party in echo park, ca. not knowing what to expect i headed towards the noise. from ami doing handstands on the drummer, dumping a garbage can filled with garbage over the drummer, running around screaming, crowd surfing, and climbing trees.... it was pure chaos. never have i seen a show quite like this one. by the way ami grabbed me as i was taking clicks of the show. as you will notice a few of the clicks are of him running towards me and i clicked until he grabbed me. ahhh.... all i could picture in my mind was charles manson running at me and i had no idea what he would do with me after he lifted me in the air. he carried me and put me on the drummer's shoulders. i was in shock and scared out of my mind, but smiling at the same time, as was everyone else. i had a nice view from sitting on shimoni's sweaty, dirty shoulders as he killed it on his drums. now i know they are infamous for their crazy shows.

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if you aren't familiar with the monotonix watch these clips from youtube:

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