Friday, January 28, 2011

grouplove @ bootleg theater 1.17.11

ps once again i made it out to see grouplove. this being the third show that i have attended. it is always much fun seeing this band live! go see them....they are a magical la indie band. the band is made of hannah hooper, christian zucconi, sean gadd, andrew wessen, and ryan rabin. how they met is an incredibly "it was meant to be" story.

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ps ps i thank you for your great music and fun shows! keep making it happen.....


  1. Kudos to your photo coverage.......I wasn't there but magically you have transported me to the venue......what a trip!!
    Thank you

  2. you are very welcome and thank you kindly. i am so appreciative for your comment. 2 things i love to do click and listen to music! keep checking out the live shows that i post. i'll have you with me in all my adventures....

  3. thanks for posting these great pictures. great band and nice of you to share!

    marc, minneapolis