Sunday, October 10, 2010

fences @ the silverlake lounge 10.04.10

ps i went to see the head and the heart and discovered fences on this very evening. the band consists of
indeed mansfield is a story teller through his music with lyrics such as “i'm fucking up, i’m fucking up, i’m fucking up everything” from the song girls with accents, or boys around here lyrics like “i’ll be alright if I can just stay in tonight. i don’t want to talk. just let me drink, tomorrow we’ll give up.”
forever bummed... is a description on their myspace page. how can one not love that description? personally i think sad tragic music is most beautiful! watching christopher's stage manerisms, looking at his image, listening to his voice and lyrics combines a story that you hate to hear, but need to know... where does this pain come from? my assumption is... life!
spin magazine said, "fences mastermind, chris mansfield, looks like he could be a roadie for new jersey hardcore band thursday, but don't be fooled. it's his acoustic guitar and quiet stories of emotional torment that shine..." i agree with this completely.
i will continue to play their music on to help get their music heard!
follow fences:
twitter @ffeenncceess
website http://WWW.SADCASTLE.COM/
the following recording of "my girl the horse" has band members from hey marseilles, another seattle band, playing with them...

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