Sunday, October 3, 2010

the dustbowl revival @ the eagle rock music festival 10.2.10

ps i decided at the last minute to take my dog with me to the eagle rock music festival. we arrive... maximus and i.... everyone stopped to hug him and snap a photo. this happens regularly. he is a muppet like dog that is a magnet for people. met many, many music lovers last evening. however, one sticks out particularly in my mind... he insisted that my dog was from star wars. heeheehee i forgot his name and he is probably going to read this. if so, hey to you!
it is not a good idea to take photos while holding a dog. enough with the dog stories. strolling along on colorado i stopped to listen to some fun bands, the submarines, the soft pack, and the dustbowl revival..... i took a few clicks of the dustbowl revival. they call themselves a folk orchestra...
today i hopped on to listen to some of dustbowl revival's music. falling down was a tune that I enjoyed. however, i couldn't find the song to play for you from youtube. for more about the dustbowl revival visit......

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