Monday, October 7, 2013

26 dawn~to~dark days of a creepingelm hallowe'en: an enjoyably bad fractured fairytale of a film night

hex is an enjoyably bad film from 1973. it was set in 1919 in the fictional town of bingo, nebraska, during the years immediately after the first world war. a posse of motorcyclists blows into town and mess with two sisters with psychic powers. one by one each gets a hex cast on them by one of the sisters, whose father was a native american shaman. the bikers soon depart this world in not so natural ways.

just knowing that it's a biker meets western meets supernatural horror film should make you want to watch and laugh.
and how about the character names: whizzer, golly, jimbang, giblets, chupo, china, oriole, & acacia...

originally titled grasslands, HEX was filmed in 1971, but not released until 1973. HEX was released as THE SHRIEKING on videotape and laserdisc. in 2006, it was released on dvd under the title CHARMS, and under that same title the film is available for rental or purchase as a download from amazon.

starring actors: gary busey, scott glenn and keith carradine

i love these photos from the set:

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