Saturday, March 17, 2012


number sixteen:
~ is a centered pentagonal number.
~ is the atomic number of sulfur.
~ caterpillars typically have 16 legs, but when they emerge from their chrysalis as a butterfly or moth, they have only six legs.
~ there are sixteen pawns in a chess set and each player in a chess game starts with sixteen pieces.
~ a note played for one-sixteenth the duration of a whole note is called a sixteenth note or a semiquaver.
~ 16 mm film was originally an amateur movie format, but is now used by professionals.
~ in the story of the Sleeping Beauty, a spell is placed on the princess that when she reaches her 16th birthday, she will "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die."
~ interstate 16 is the designation for a US interstate highway in georgia.
~ the number 16 is used 21 times in the bible.
~ an epic film: sixteen candles

sonnet no 16: by william shakespeare

sixteen, maybe less ~ iron & wine

only sixteen ~ sam ccoke

sixteen saltines ~ jack white

sixteen reasons ~ connie stevens

sweet sixteen ~ billy idol

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