Sunday, July 3, 2011

my nana left this world today

ps after suffering a stroke we still had laughs and smiles with nana. nana always had such a pretty little mini voice until 'the stroke.' we were pleased and thankful that she learned to speak fairly quickly as she was determined. however, the stroke took away the tone in her voice leaving her with a robotic sound. feeding tubes, family, music, and nurses are how she was living. nana missed her tea the most. we told her the brown liquid feeding into her was chocolate milk. she knew better and always giggled when we mentioned it. her feet and hands were able to move to music that she played nearly 24 hours a day. frank sinatra was her favorite.
every evening an angel named mabel would visit her in her room she told me. when i asked her how old mabel was she replied, "oh my dear, mabel is much, much, much older than i." how special for her to see and feel the presence of this angel. i asked her if i could see mabel and she told me that mabel only comes late at night when her family wasn't there.
today nana decided to leave this world. she is up above looking down at us drinking tea with nana lillian {her mother} and uncle kenneth {her son}. we love you dearly nana. you will always be with us.
ps ps my nana, she taught me to see the good in life. nana spread her love to everyone around her. i love you nana yvonne.
ps ps ps these are a few clicks taken on mother's day during her recovery from her stroke. a short recording of her great grandchildren wishing her love follows. her great grandchildren lived a couple of blocks away from the hospital. if you looked out her window you could see the top of their home. unfortunately, nana's sight was going, but knowing how close they were made her happy.

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