Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the day i decided to fly

ps i have been thinking about doing this for some time. back in oct. i received ifly as a birthday gift. you might be asking yourselves why i waited 5 months before using it. that's an easy answer: i forgot about it until receiving a reminder that it had to be used by the 28th of march. so i decided to go on the 28th and made my appt. my instructor, scott, was much fun. thanks scott.. you rock!
the feeling of being blown in the air to fly is an unreal sensation. then going higher and higher as if i were a bird and falling back down.... feeling freeeee! i didn't want to leave the tube. this was recorded and maybe i'll add the video so you can feel my experience. being a beginner i could only do one flying pose.. no stunts today. still amazing. now the bigger challenge ~ my next adventure is skydiving! heck i am scared of tiny planes and then jumping out of one... yikes. i will report back after the free falling experience happens. (:
ps ps if you have an ifly near you... go fly!
ps ps ps if you see a blonde girl flying in the air don't be frightened.. it's just me! if you do see me flying, i might swoop down to save you... hehehe have i turned superhero?

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