Sunday, November 7, 2010

first aid kit @ the echo on 10.05.10

first aid kit delivered at the echo this evening..... 2 honey-voiced swedish sisters, klara and johanna soderberg, on the road promoting their new album, the big black and the blue. they are wise beyond their years singing folk/pop songs that seep under the skin and claw at you. surface playfulness is deceiving as the tracks take on a darker hue in places, but both elements work perfectly together to create a trance-like quality. added are small yet purposeful flashes of drumming and autoharp. yay for the autoharp! singing their melancholy arrangements with warm harmonies that spin tales of self-discovery at the expense of lost love and memories of ghosts left behind, it's truly remarkable that at age 17 and 19 these lyrics come forth.
one of my favorite songs from their new album is ghost town. it is full of emotion, a song about leaving someone you love to find yourself before settling down for good, only to find that they found someone else in the meantime. do you make one final attempt to salvage what you had? do you walk away? do you live on with regret? another goodie is hard believer, a mesmeric tune where a real life argument about religion provoked the rousingly urgent line: "and it's one life / and it's this life / and it's beautiful".
btw they sing a beautiful cover of fleet foxes, tiger mountain peasant song! these sisters mesmerize me!
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